The Freedom Dance Project

The Freedom Dance Project

In Progress...

The Freedom Dance Project is a non-profit organization raising awareness of child 
sex trafficking and bringing healing to survivors through dance. 
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About the Founder

Jeanne-Marie C. Branche

Jeanne-Marie Branche is a University of Tampa alumnus with a Bachelor's Degree in Dance and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. She created The Freedom Dance Project for her Senior Capstone Project in 2021 and continues to research & work with organization currently fighting against child sex-trafficking. Jeanne-Marie volunteers with Operation Underground Railroad's (O.U.R.) Palm Beach Chapter. Here, she continually raises awareness of this local, national, and global issue. You can read more about Jeanne-Marie on her blog, Dancers of the Light.
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Why Dance?

Dance and Dance Movement therapy...

Teaching Methodologies:

The Freedom Dance Project uses teaching methods from Brain-Compatible Dance Education
Brain-Compatible Dance Education was founded by Anne Green Gilbert...
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